About Us

Mark MonroeHello,

My name is Mark Monroe. I’ve been active in politics and international studies since my college days. I took up Public Administration in one of the universities in my native state of Mississippi and had participated in political forums and events. I and my friends have formed non-profit groups to encourage citizens to be active with local public policy. My interest also took me to writing both on print and on the web. I have run several blogs on American politics. Through the years, I have met and exchange ideas with people of the same passion and have learned new perspectives and insights on public administration and governance. Truly, I have seen that there are people who are very concerned with our leaders and what great difference all of us can make.

This blog is another one of my personal interest. I’ve always admired how events and decisions throughout the history of our nation resulted to the kind of democracy we have today. Our individuality as States has been preserved by the unique system of US federalism. A great part of this certain autonomy is the US Governorship or the gubernatorial administration. It is indeed a one of kind office. As the executive branch of a state, the office also acts like the presidency and throughout history, we have had excellent and exceptional individuals who held this office. Thus, I want to focus on this specific branch of governance and the policies and qualities that are required from those who will hold such title.

I want Lt. Bryant, Inc to be an active forum for those who are interested in the US Governorship, the history and evolution of this office, the independent powers exercised and the diversity it has given the United States of America. I think people from officials to students can find a place to discuss this administration. My address is 175 E. Capitol Street, Jackson, MS 39201 and you can contact me here and let us have an engaging discussion.